Daimler Truck tests fuel-cell truck with liquid hydrogen
Prototype vehicle and filling station will put liquid hydrogen to the test for demanding truck applications 
Lhyfe extends partnership for offshore renewable hydrogen production
Lhyfe and Chantiers de l’Atlantique seek to deploy large-scale offshore renewable hydrogen production projects
Black & Veatch aids Mercury Renewables “first-of-a-kind” green hydrogen plant
Facility will be one of the Ireland’s first co-located onshore wind farm and hydrogen electrolysis plants
Clean Logistics premieres fyuriant hydrogen-powered truck
Zero-emission “fyuriant” truck powered by dual Refire 120 kW PRISMA fuel cell systems
World’s largest hydrogen fuel blending project completed
Project demonstrates retrofit of Mitsubishi Power’s advanced-class gas turbines to operate on hydrogen fuel blend
Cummins joins the Hydrogen Engine Alliance
The group supports development of hydrogen internal combustion engines
H2LORICA project gets $5 million grant to further hydrogen storage technology
Three-year project will work to bring hydrogen pressure tank system to production
HRS, Burckhardt Compression to produce H2 refuelling systems
The hydrogen refuelling systems will help decarbonization of transport
Liebherr’s hydrogen fuel injection for combustion engines
Company’s Fuel Systems business is now testing hydrogen injection systems for internal combustion engines
Yanmar aims to commercialize marine fuel cell system in 2023
Company targets commercialization of a 300-kW class marine fuel cell system next year
Air Liquide’s U.S. plant now its largest global liquid hydrogen facility
Company officially opens its largest liquid hydrogen production facility in Las Vegas
Graforce to show plasma electrolyzers to produce hydrogen from waste at IFAT 2022
Company will display plasma electrolyzers that generate green hydrogen from methane and wastewater
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