Briggs & Stratton launches energy storage system

07 June 2022

Just over nine months after its acquisition of SimpliPhi Power, a California supplier of energy storage technology, Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions has released the SimpliPhi Energy Storage System (ESS), an integrated, scalable solution with proprietary hardware and software designed to enable residential and commercial customers to store, manage and control energy from multiple generation sources to achieve power security and daily cost savings.

SimpliPhi ESS Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions has unveiled its new SimpliPhi Energy Storage System (ESS) for residential and commercial applications. (Photo: Briggs & Stratton)

The all-new integrated ESS comes as an answer to the rising demand for access to reliable, safe and affordable energy serving both residential and commercial markets, the company said.

“Both Briggs & Stratton and SimpliPhi Power have a longstanding history of providing energy solutions built with quality and dependability as the highest priority,” said Tom Rugg, senior vice president and president, Energy Solutions at Briggs & Stratton. “Coming together as one company, we’ve successfully leveraged the team’s complementary expertise to deliver more choice and more control than ever before so our customers have access to power when it matters most.

“With aging power grids, more frequent outages and unpredictable weather patterns, the addition of the SimpliPhi ESS to our product lineup is another solution for people looking for an innovative, scalable energy system for their home or business.”

The system is engineered to provide seamless integration with its three core components – a 6 kW SimpliPhi Inverter, a 4.9 kWh Battery and EnergyTrak management software. The heart of the system is the new SimpliPhi Inverter with integrated maximum power point tracker (MPPT) for solar or utility charging in either dc coupled or retrofit ac coupled systems. The inverter is designed to work seamlessly with batteries to deliver an efficient, easy-to-use experience for home and business owners. It also offers exceptional flexibility, the company said, making it ideal for those looking for backup power to subsidize utility costs or to run a power system completely off-grid. When the grid fails, the risk of power surges, flickering lights and damage to sensitive equipment is eliminated with the inverter’s 8-millisecond switchover time.

SimpliPhi ESS EnergyTrak app The SimpliPhi ESS can be monitored through the EnergyTrak mobile app. (Photo: Briggs & Stratton)

The SimpliPhi Inverter can scale from one to nine units in any installation, creating redundancy and cost-effective increments of 6 kW, enabling power output to be sized to meet specific electrical loads.

The SimpliPhi battery utilizes lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) chemistry, further enhanced by the battery management system (BMS) with closed-loop communications that logically integrates with the 6 kW Inverter and EnergyTrack management software. The battery delivers advanced-level power storage that runs cooler and has a longer cycle life and broader operating temperature range that eliminates the risk of thermal runaway, Briggs & Stratton said. The battery can scale from one module up to 72, for a total energy storage capacity of 358.5 kWh. Both the SimpliPhi inverter and battery are IP65 rated, enabling them to be installed indoors or outdoors.

Finally, the SimpliPhi ESS incorporates EnergyTrak, a monitoring and control software platform which allows users to manage their energy usage through a mobile app that delivers real-time status and updates to home and business owners. The EnergyTrak mobile app is designed to integrate the inverter and battery at any scale in any combination to help optimize performance, accelerate utility savings and create energy security for customers.

The SimpliPhi ESS will be available to order beginning June 14.

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