New charging system for electric vehicles

By Mike Brezonick20 December 2021

Atom Power, a North Carolina manufacturer of smart electrical products announced the launch of Purpl, a charging system for electric vehicles and light-duty fleets. The system charges vehicles directly from the company’s UL listed, solid-state digital circuit breaker and incorporates energy management technology to keep electricity costs low.

Purpl charging system Atom Power’s Purpl electric vehicle charging system.

Atom Power said the system’s capabilities provide utilities, cities, property and fleet owners with a dual solution to increase access to EV charging and upgrade electrical infrastructure needed to meet transportation electrification goals.

“Atom Power is on a mission to enable the electrification of everything,” said Ryan Kennedy, CEO, Atom Power. “Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a natural application of our third-generation solid state circuit breaker platform because it provides unparalleled real-time energy management needed to keep utility bills low and reduce the infrastructure required to accommodate EV charging at multi-family and commercial facilities.”

Purpl charging system The Purpl charging system is based on Atom Power’s solid-stage digital circuit breaker technology.

The trend to mainstream transportation electrification extends to cities as well. Major cities like Atlanta and Seattle have passed “make ready” policies that require EV infrastructure (i.e. circuit breakers, electrical panels and chargers) to be planned for at the time of new construction. Because Purpl charges EVs directly from the circuit breaker, not from electronics in the charging pedestal at the vehicle, PURPL is an infrastructure solution that can support the goals of “make ready” utility programs beyond traditional infrastructure equipment, the company said.

Purpl is also designed to address common pain points related to large scale EV charging installations for fleet owners and at multi-family buildings. When multiple chargers are used at these locations, it increases electricity demand. If the demand exceeds the historic “peak demand”, electricity costs increase dramatically. If not managed properly with a capable infrastructure-based EV charging system, it can mean the difference between charging one EV for $18/month or $476/month. Atom Power’s Energy Management system can sense demand changes within seconds versus 15 minute gaps for traditional charging solutions.

Additionally, because Purpl charges EVs directly from the breaker, Atom Power said the charging station itself does not contain expensive electronics – it’s simply a metal tube or wall box with a charge plug and cable. If a charging pedestal becomes damaged, the cost to replace it is $400 to $500 dollars.

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