Gaussin picks Microvast for batteries

By Chad Elmore10 June 2021

Partnership involves next-gen full electric- and hydrogen-powered version of skateboard road truck platform.

Microvast, a provider of battery technologies for commercial and specialty vehicles, has been nominated by Gaussin for its next generation skateboard road truck platform.

Gaussin is a pioneer in the design and assembly of electric and fuel cell vehicles in transport and logistics industry. Both companies have announced the partnership to integrate Microvast’s new generation of batteries for electric and hydrogen skateboard applications of Gaussin.

Gaussin Gaussin has selected Microvast for lithium-ion batteries in its skateboard chassis concept for heavy-duty on-highway trucks.

Both companies will collaborate to develop series of new skateboard road trucks, which can be deployed for multiple purposes in the logistics and transport field.

With its vertical integration capabilities, Microvast said it can provide a wide choice of different cell chemistries in its standard battery packs, which can fulfill the diversified technical requirements in terms of power, energy density and cycle life. The Chinese battery specialist has an office near Houston, Texas.

The modularity of Microvast batteries gives Gaussin flexibility in vehicle design. Microvast said believes that its fast-charging capability, high energy density and safety features of its battery solutions can meet the demand from logistics customers to shorten the charging duration and prolong the charging interval.

A few months ago, Gaussin launched what it called the first skateboard in the world for Class 8 highway trucks, tractor or carrier from 18 to 44 tonnes, hydrogen or all-electric — a rolling, versatile and modular platform intended for the various market players.

The solution is aimed at traditional truck manufacturers as well as new entrants, body builders and other market players in autonomous navigation software area. More broadly, the skateboard road truck platform targets all players wishing to access a hydrogen and electric platform for clean and intelligent transport.

Gaussin and Microvast expect to start building the first prototypes in both full electric and hydrogen version in mid-2021 to test the vehicle performance. Microvast will first supply Gaussin with its off-the-shelf MV-C battery pack and then offer an upgrade possibility through MV-I battery pack with an energy density of more than 180 Wh/kg.

The hydrogen version of the road skateboard is a hybrid system that uses high power batteries in combination with a fuel cell to provide necessary power under certain conditions, with the driving range extended to almost 400 km thanks to the battery power.

The first prototypes are planned to be presented to major fleet and e-commerce companies in the United States and in Europe.

In February, Oshkosh Corp. and Microvast announced a Joint Development Agreement to “facilitate future battery collaboration and innovation.”

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